Voyager Solar Upgrade

Sorry I’ve been away for a while but a few update blogs coming over the next few days.

While away in September I thought the solar system wasn’t working as well as it should be. Luckily the weather was very good and I didn’t have any power issues.

Investigation during October proved that the flexi-panels I fitted over the cab had both failed. I had read before fitting them that they were not as reliable so was not that surprised. I had bonded them very well with Sikaflex so there was no way I was going to get them off so I just clipped the wires off them and left them there.

I managed to find a large 300W rigid panel. Fitting it did require a bit of planning and some aluminium fabricating but with the help of a couple of friends I managed to get it secured to the roof.

The Frame for the new panel
The panel all fitted

At the same time I decided to upgrade the charge controller to a Victron MPPT 100|30 for increased efficiency and its ability to handle the increased voltage from the new panel. Its Bluetooth app on my phone meant I could monitor the performance of the system whenever I was in range.

The Controller fitted into the Tech Cupboard (also known as the wardrobe)

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