A bit more done

This month has been a bit changeable on the weather front but there have been enough fair days to get some of the outside jobs done.

In the first of these periods I managed to get all the bolts undone on the seat belt unit. It was a bit tricky doing some from underneath with the top locked with a spanner and the rest the other way around. But eventually it’s removed and stowed in Lilly’s garage.

This allowed me to get on with Mary’s bed. I replaced the centre support solid wood battens with shortened bed slats and replaced the upper hinged top with a frame of three slats. That should be more comfortable. With the addition of memory foam toppers we should be able to get a good night’s sleep.


The floor is vinyl covered and not very warm so I have fully carpeted the lounge area and bought a full cab carpet from Ebay. The motorhome did come with carpets (put away under the bed) but they were not good quality and didn’t reach the edges.

We also decided to invest in a SOG unit for the loo. It avoids the need for toilet chemicals by using a fan to suck air out of the cassette when the shutter is open – venting it through a carbon filter to the outside.

We had decided when we bought the Motorhome that we wanted to carry a spare wheel as Fiat only supply a foam puncture repair kit. We got a wheel thrown in as part of the deal, originally intending to carry it in the trailer (Betty). I hadn’t realised how big and heavy Motorhome wheels are but I found a kit on Ebay that would enable it to be carried under the van between the clean and grey water tanks. On one of the wetter days I made a wheel cover from some tarpaulin and on one of the better days I spent a few happy hours fitting the kit and mounting the wheel – great fun.


As the overnight temperatures are not getting too low for too long I decided to flush the water system with sterilising fluid and then flush with clean water a couple of times. It also gave me a chance to check the water heater on both electric and gas operation – all good I’m pleased to report.

Well that about sums up this month which is good as we have our first weekend away in a couple of weeks when we get to test everything for real.