When my knees started to give out in 2012 we had to think of a way we could continue our adventures with my restricted walking abilities. So as well as coming up with our adaptions for Mary’s mobility scooter Dolly we started planning how we could transport two scooters and a wheelchair around.

We decided that a ‘Day Van’ was what was needed. The essentials after the scooters were being able to make a cuppa and heat some soup (essential in the English climate) and be able to wash up afterwards. Somewhere to sit comfortably, relax, read the paper. Basically a dinette.

In early 2013 I had an Operation on my right knee. After convalescence I set about the planning stage. I did all the research on Campervan conversions – what equipment was available and how others had gone about it. What base van to go for and how much to spend? Even before this we knew our ultimate aim was for a big Motorhome or RV when I retired, so as this was only to be an interim solution we decided to go cheap. I trawled EBAY, Autotrader, E&M etc. for likely candidates.

Eventually in February 2014 I found a white ten year old LDV panel van on EBAY. It was an auction item (as opposed to a private sale – which I prefer) so I put in my bid and waited. It was nerve racking towards the end and I did have to up my bid in the last few minutes but we got it. We collected it from just north of Cheltenham a few days later.

The garden got very neglected that year as I spent every available minute in the van fitting her out as we wanted. By the summer she was pretty much done. We had a few trips out and found she was pretty much perfect for our needs. Only a few minor things needed sorting.

We planned our September get away up to York with stops on the way up and way back. We left as planned but only got 48 miles from home when one of the rear axle bearings collapsed and we lost drive. We had to upgrade the AA cover from Roadside Assist to Relay to get home on the back of lorry. It didn’t stop us having our holiday though as we packed what we could into Harrison and started again the next day.

Upon our return we found a local garage to repair the axle and all has been fine since.

Some pics of what we did.


And the dinette.