Originally we were Nigel and Mary. (See About Mary for the story)

Very sadly I lost Mary to Cancer in May 2020.

Since then things have changed a lot in my life. I spent a few months using this blog to keep family, friends and anyone interested in mainly UK travel up to date with my ongoing adventures in Voyager the Motorhome.

During most of 2021 (pandemic lockdowns permitting) I got to know Julia. We attended many Motorhome rallies together (see the few 2021 posts for more detail). We grew closer and closer and I eventually proposed to her.

We married in August 2022.

So I am now half of a couple again.

Lots of things are changing now; I have my property up for sale as well as improvements to Voyager under way.

I have not been updateing this Blog but will be restarting my efforts very soon.

You are welcome to read any and all our earlier posts to see adventures of the past as well as new ones of the future.

Positive comments are most welcome.