Voyager Beginning

Saturday 3rd December 2016

Well we have had Voyager for over a week now and the list of jobs to do is growing. On future pages I will give details of the modifications we make, the reasons why and any problems that occur during the work.

For now I will just give a list of things to do and some pics of the inside as a reference starting position.

  • Fit TV mount and TV – we have bought an AVTEX 22″ L218DRS.
  • Fit Satellite system onto roof – we have gone for a SNIPE 2 auto seeker. Up on the roof for that – and a big hole for the wires to go through. Bit scary cutting holes in the roof.
  • Remove front most passenger seatbelt mounting hardware and adapt seat support to spring slats. There are some really big bolts that will need removing – might need to see Joe to get them loosened.
  • Fit rear view camera – there is already a reversing camera looking down at the back but we need to be able to see Black Betty and what’s going on behind her. Luckily the display (mounted over the rear view mirror has a spare V2 option available so won’t need to replace that.
  • Transfer Radios between Voyager and Lilly. The current one is only FM/AM with CD player – Lilly’s additionally has DAB & USB support. Also need to fit external DAB aerial (another bit to fit on the roof).
  • Make changes to the FIAT cab wiring to enable Radio and Power sockets to be turned on without the ignition.
  • Wire up the Satnav with Switch to power on – again independent of ignition.

There will be more I’m sure – but that’s enough to be going on with.



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