OOh Betty – Castles and Gardens

Friday 28th September 2018

Another fine day, a bit more cloud – but that just made it a bit warmer overnight. After the usual chores and breakfast Nigel started to tackle the bearing.

Bearing Repair 4

He made good progress to start with but found the inside race was seized onto the stub axle. He didn’t have tools man enough to shift it, just a screwdriver and claw hammer.

Bearing Repair 5
Nigel’s tool is not big enough!!

We needed a mobile Mechanic.

A quick visit to Reception – I cannot praise them highly enough – they recommended Simon and gave us his card. We gave him a ring at 11.30 and he said he would be able to come about 5 o’clock – and I was expecting days (maybe even having to extend our stay).

We decided not to go out today (in case he was early) as the wind has got up and it feels very chilly. I did a bit of sewing, Nigel finished off the outside jobs and then had a bit of a read for a while.

After lunch we were getting a bit stir crazy so thought we would get some air and go over to the beach and along to our local Martello Tower – one that has been done up. Took a few photos, as you do.

Local Martell Twr

Simon came at 5 o’clock and got right to it. Didn’t take him long to get that pesky race off mind you he did have a good chisel and a big lump hammer.

Bearing Repair 6

He fitted the new hub and as we had bought a set we got him to do the other one as well (although it looked OK it’s better to be safe I think – we’ll keep the old one for any future emergencies).

Bearing Repair 8

Nigel is going to check how may miles we have done and make sure we change the hubs routinely to avoid it happening again (well as much as you can).

The Fish & Chip van was around tonight, and I was tempted but resisted and we had gammon and chips (SW style of course) for our meal. The ice-cream van did a tour of the site but we resisted that as well – well we had had a little tub from the site shop earlier.

There have been a lot of campers arriving for the weekend all of the hardstanding pitches around us are full and a lot of the grass ones as well – not too many children though thankfully.

We settled down for the night – watched a bit of TV did a bit of Blog work.

Saturday 29th September 2018

We awoke today to find the sun shining again – not a cloud free sky but pretty good and the wind has dropped so it feels a lot warmer. The usual chores and breakfast sorted I made another picnic lunch as we are off again for the day.

A couple of miles away in Pevensey village is an English Heritage site ‘Pevensey Castle’. As we thought (from looking at Google maps) there is a good footpath all the way there and it’s easy to find as the village is not large.

Pevensey Castle 1

The Roman Walls of the castle were huge (high and thick) built about AD 290.

Pevensey Castle a

In 1066 the ruins where refortified by William the Conqueror and a castle built within them about a third of the size.

Pevensey Castle 2

The towers within this Norman Castle were used for billets and a machine gun post during the Second World War.

After looking around the Castle and having our picnic lunch within the Roman enclosure we continued on to the next village of Westham. Nigel had seen what looked like an unusual weather vane on top of the church he wanted a closer look at.

Westham sign

We found a pretty little village with a wedding taking place in the church. We watched as the bride and a good group of bridesmaids and flower girls arranged themselves on the path before proceeding down the aisle.

A couple of old Tudor buildings added to the interest so we took a few photo’s before retracing our steps back into Pevensey for a look at its church (St Nicolas – built 1216).

Nigel took photo’s outside and in while I checked out the gravestones.

st Nicolas pic
In the Church artwork showing the shoreline upto 16th Century

There is also a Museum in the village but its entrance is on the first floor – so we didn’t bother.

By 3.30 at this time of year it starts to get cooler, even on a nice day like today, so we headed back to Voyager which took about 45 minutes.

A warming cup of coffee hit the spot. Then food cooking which really warmed us up.

Nice sunset tonight.

Sunset Thur 2

Usual TV and relax before another good night.

Sunday 30th September 2018

We have decided to go out in Voyager today to give Betty’s bearings a little test run before we head home tomorrow.

Exploring TripAdvisor we settled on Michelham Priory, House and Gardens. Its only about 10 miles from the campsite so we set off about 10.30 – stopping briefly at ASDA for some fresh fruit and bread.

The Priory is a really lovely place to visit with a large car park (and Coach Park which we used) and easy access to all of the grounds with ramps placed where required.

Michel hs

It is, in fact, the only house we have been to that I managed to tour the entire ground floor on Grace – only one door way was a bit tight.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Loads to see – I loved the kitchen where I had a good chat with one of the guides about how some of the kitchen gadgets worked. Great the way the spit was turned by a falling stone!

The gardens are extensive and still had a fair amount of colour (mostly roses and dahlias) but I suspect that July would have the best displays.

But with more things dyeing back the sculpture has come more to the fore.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And when you find a big wooden chair what else can you do!

We had lunch in Voyager before going back to complete our exploration, finding the Bronze Age Roundhouse (circa 2016) – but well-made and a good example of how it was done.

The Forge, Great Barn and the Mill were the last things to visit.

Unfortunately the mill is under repair – the teeth of the pit wheel need to be replaced (the 1997 ones having worn out) and are being made of English oak – costing £25 each. They need 84. When they have them each will take 1.5hrs to fit and adjust. The miller hopes all will be done by next March. We wish them luck.

All in all a very enjoyable day.

The journey back was uneventful – Betty’s new bearings working perfectly.

Pitched up 2

Pitched up again there was time for a little rest before cooking our roast chicken dinner. Followed by a naughty little ice cream tub, nice though.

Monday 1st October 2019

Home today – using the A27 to Southampton then north to Newbury and onto the M4 – we didn’t like the long lumpy concrete section of the M25 when coming. Nigel thinks it may have weakened the bearing that failed on us.

As it was it only added six miles to our journey – took a bit longer but the scenery was much better. I think we will be staying somewhere closer to Chichester maybe Arundel on a future trip. There are some lovely looking Castles and Churches that need visiting – I’ll start planning.

Well that’s the end of planned trips – but we will be off again before long and will keep you updated on plans and how the fridge repair goes.