My Radiotherapy – Week 4

Monday 16th September 2019

While I had the weekend off I spent most of it asleep. I guess this is what the Radiotherapy does. They did tell me it would be like this but I thought I could fight it.

I have been taking the Antibiotics all weekend and because it is liquid I can’t avoid the horrible taste. They don’t seem to have done much as it’s still weeping although Nigel says it’s getting smaller.

At least week four is starting so after today I will have less to do than I have already done. I’m rather hoping that I don’t get to feel worse than I already am – we will see.

At treatment today I was more comfortable under the mask I had a new nurse and it took a bit longer to get me all lined up – trouble is I kept thinking would I be able to get out of the mask myself if I needed too (scary).

The team are still a bit concerned about my lump weeping and even bleeding a bit. I’m also running short of some of my pain killers (they only give me enough Paracetamol for six days at a time) but Fiona wasn’t available today so we had to leave without seeing her.

Tuesday 17th September 2019

I had a good night’s sleep and felt a lot better this morning. I took pain killers at bed time and didn’t need more until breakfast – I’ll try and do this again, it may help.

As I felt good I was up for cooking breakfast for Nigel – my way of saying thank you for all he does looking after me. I had my usual Ready Brek, but didn’t eat it all – hope it was enough to stop me loosing too much weight.

Slimming World weigh in – we have to go to the 9.30 session so we can get to the hospital in time for treatment –just a quick in and out – I’m missing staying to group and having a good chat with my SW family. Lost 5½ lbs this week – not surprised but mustn’t loose much more or I could get too small for the mask.

Parking was a challenge today – it’s a good job we always give ourselves enough time or we could have problems.

Treatment went well – the mask is fitting much better – I’m hoping this is just because it’s still early in the week and not the weight loss.

We collected the pills I wanted from the Pharmacy and fleetingly saw Fiona – she didn’t stop to chat – guess they must be very busy.

We had lunch at Togg Hill again and were joined by our friends Tim & Deb – we had a really lovely time laughing and catching up, remembering the things we did together in the past. It’s been quite a while since we met up and we really enjoyed it – won’t leave it so long before doing it again.

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Had a reasonable night although my wound was weeping a lot with some blood too. I put a dressing on it and used some tape to hold it. When I took it off it the tape pulled and made it very sore – won’t do that again.

Bad time at treatment today. When we went in the nurse said they would be examining the skin around my wound today – I thought this would be by eye but I was wrong. We went through the usual mask fitting routine, they all left as usual and I heard the usual bleeps and motion of the machine. When this stops they normally come and get me out but they didn’t come and I started to get worried – then I got scared that they were talking and leaving me in there so I started to wave my hand but they didn’t come so then I went into real panic mode and started to shout for help.  They came and let me out – I asked if they had finished but they hadn’t so after I calmed down I again had the mask fitted and let the treatment go on.

If they had told me they were going to do a scan and then look at it I may not have panicked so much but as it was I got very emotional and when I did eventually get off the table I was shaking like a leaf.

Thursday 19th September 2019

After yesterday I was a bit worried about going under the mask but we arrived a bit early (as we usually do) and we were called in before Nigel had a chance to sit down or me to worry too much. It was our usual team and they know by now not to leave me too long once they have done their bit. Apart from the mask feeling a bit tighter it was fine – which was a great relief.

We had a bit of a wait to see the Doctor but it wasn’t as long as the last time. She didn’t say a lot (she never does) but she had a look at my neck and said that while they were killing the centre of the cancer it can get inflamed and the weeping was my body’s way of getting rid of it. Apparently the swab they took when it started did not ‘grow anything’ in the lab which is a good thing I guess. Carol was there as well and she said I was looking a heck of a lot better than when she saw me last week. The pain killers are helping with that – and not overdoing things as well.

All in all a good day.

Friday 20th September 2019

I had a reasonable night but my wound did itch quite a bit.

Last day of week 4 – I really can’t believe I have done this much already – it has been a bit dramatic this week – let’s hope next week isn’t so bad.

Treatment wasn’t too bad – Adam had me in and out really quickly. The mask was really tight on my neck – I can’t believe my face has swollen up so much overnight.

The weather has been wonderful all week – warm and sunny with clear blue skies – it seems a shame we have to be doing this instead of being away in Voyager.

Still that’s week 4 done – only 2 more to go.

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