Week 3 Radiotherapy

Monday 9th September 2019

My appointments this week are all around lunchtime so today we are going to have lunch later – after doing a bit of shopping on our way home.

I have noticed my gums are getting very sore making it hard to chew and I’ve been a bit worried about how sore and blistery my lump has become over the weekend. I mentioned it to the nurses – they did seem a bit concerned and were very gentle putting the mask on.

I think the treatment was a bit longer – well it seemed that way to me.

Afterward they asked us to wait so Fiona could have a look at my lump. She told me that some soreness is expected but she thought there may be an infection in mine.  She took my blood pressure, heart rate and temperature which were all fine.

Her opinion was that we just keep an eye on it for a few days.

Tuesday 10th September 2019

I had a reasonable night with the pain killers.

This morning my lump is painful to touch, red and has been weeping a bit – I do hope it is not infected.

lump 1109

Slimming World weigh in today and as I’m increasingly having to eat more soft food due to my sore gums and throat I reckoned a loss was on the cards – turned out to be ½ lb but happy with that.

Treatment went OK – they put Clingfilm over my neck to help prevent it sticking to the mask. They also took a swab of the discharge so they can see what it is. Just have to wait for the answer and the plan.

Wednesday 11th September 2019

A good night’s sleep – my lump was weeping a bit but the pain relief I took in the early hours really helped. It doesn’t feel as sore or tender which is better for putting the cream on.

Treatment today was a bit easier – not sure why – maybe because my lump isn’t as sore or could be I’m getting more used to it.

The mask was tight but not so unbearable as it has been – I’m wondering if it’s an abscess in my lump which has been giving me pain not only in my neck but in the back of my head which made it hurt on the headrest. Now it has gone down a bit there is less pressure which helps.

Thursday 12th September 2019

After such a good day yesterday today has been very different – I’m so tired and my neck is still tender.

Another early appointment – no problems getting there but very busy in the Car Park – managed to find a space on the double yellows – OK with my Blue Badge.

Treatment went well – no dramas – they again had a good look at my neck and used Clingfilm – no answer from the lab yet though.

We saw Carol afterwards and she too was concerned about how red, angry and hot it is. She thinks I should have some anti-biotics and maybe some steroid cream. She will let us know tomorrow and will chase up the results of the swab they took.

She also gave me another mouthwash to help with the dryness I’m feeling more now (a bit like a sticky gloopy saliva feeling).

Friday 13th September 2019

I had a good night’s sleep despite my lump weeping quite a bit.

Today is day 15 which means I’m halfway through. I have to say it has gone by so quickly, much faster than I thought when it started.

Our friends Tim and Debs have read last week’s Blog and messaged me – we are going to meet them for lunch early next week – just like we used to do. We’re looking forward to a lovely catch up.

Today the mask was very tight – even with both shims removed – but I managed to get through it even though it felt like it was choking me. After treatment we saw Carol again and a Doctor who had a good look at my lump. She said that it was best to let the abscess weep (better out than in) and prescribed a course of antibiotics (for 2 weeks) although she wasn’t sure if they would work.

When we collected this from the Pharmacy I was told to stop taking my daily statin until after the course is complete.

Back home and after lunch I slept most of the afternoon – they were right at the beginning when they said I would get tired very quickly – but I get the weekend off – two days to relax.

4 thoughts on “Week 3 Radiotherapy

  1. hilaryfarrow

    Oh dear, it does look very inflamed. I hope the antibiotics are doing the trick. At the time of me writing this, you must be nearly at the end now! Fingers crossed you are feeling a little better.

    Liked by 1 person

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