Radiotherapy – Second Week

Week 2

Monday 2nd September 2019

The weekend has gone by so fast – having two days off sounded so good on Friday but they just flew.

I was full of trepidation about going today – Friday had been bad. They told me the swelling of my face would go down over the weekend but I couldn’t see any difference so was afraid it would hurt again under the mask.

My lump was very tender to touch – just putting the cream on was painful but the paracetamol did help.

Nigel had a strong word about bringing him back to help me to the changing room – I’m not sure the male assistant (no names) liked it much but tough luck.

Treatment wasn’t quite as bad as I expected – the mask hurt but not unbearably – and the zapping seemed to be over quicker than usual.

They did bring Nigel back – hopefully they have got the message.

Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Tuesday is always going to be the busiest day of the week. Slimming World first – didn’t do so well gained 2lb but not surprised really.

We left after group – I had made some sandwiches earlier so we decided to stop at Togg Hill picnic area. A lovely view and good memories of times we spent with our friends Tim & Deb when we used to meet them there.

Then on to the hospital – I was feeling a bit better about it today. I hadn’t slept well because of the pain so have taken to thinking ‘let’s just get this over with’.

We had a bit of a wait today – there seemed to be more people waiting and when we finally got in it was the other zapper machine (first time on LA3) with a different team. But I had Nigel with me so just gritted my teeth – they were very good and it was over quickly again. I thought it may have me just thinking that but Nigel confirmed that I wasn’t in there as long.

Wednesday 4th September 2019

Today started out badly – I didn’t sleep well last night (paracetamol not cutting it now – and I took a few more than I should have too).

I think my lump is protruding more – before treatment started I couldn’t see it, now I can. It frightens me – feeling that I will always have a big lump on the side of my neck.

The treatment was fine today and I didn’t have as much pain in the back of my neck which was a relief.

We were only meant to wait about ten minutes to see the doctor but it turned out to be more like an hour. When we did eventually see her I didn’t get to learn much about how it’s going. She said that Radiotherapy was a slow process and what they are seeing on the scans shows they are zapping the entire growth and progress is as they expected it to be. Mostly we discussed pain management – she was surprised it is as painful as it is at this stage. As swallowing is getting harder they have given me some dissolvable stronger tablets (Co-Codamol, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen). They said that if/when it gets worse I can get some Oramorph too so it won’t hurt any more (might I become a junky?)

I’m not dreading being pushed along this corridor so much now.

Thursday 5th September 2019

I had a much better night’s sleep as the new pain killers are much better.

Being in the mask wasn’t as comfortable as yesterday but I did complete the treatment. I was very tempted though to wave my hand to get out but I persevered – so relieved to get through it.

I had a chat with the neck nurse afterwards – tried to explain how I was feeling, how disappointed I was yesterday not to be told that things were improving but at the end of the day I do feel better in myself now that the pain has stopped.

Friday 6th September 2019

A second good pain free night so I slept very well. We are away for the weekend at a C&MH Club Rally so we were busy getting things packed into Voyager – it kept my mind occupied instead of worrying about today’s treatment.

I had a 12.45 session today – It went well – they removed a shim which helped with the tightness of the mask – it will never be good I don’t think but at least it’s manageable. I am not in there too long and if I manage to lose a couple of pound without telling them it might be even better.

I must be getting more used to having 5-10 minute treatments as I don’t mind coming again next week – much better than last Monday I really didn’t want to come back.

My lump is becoming sore and the skin around it has become very red. I keep putting the cream on and gargling with the mouth wash and of course the pain killers are amazing – most of the time I’m in no pain.

So second week done and a nice weekend away – feeling good.


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