Tuesday 18th June 2019

Now wouldn’t you just believe it – I had been looking forward to spending time with the family since we arranged this little holiday way back. It eventually got here and the rain came too – typical!

So today was an enforced chill day – well a bored chill day – I couldn’t raise any enthusiasm at all – in fact if Nigel hadn’t done the cooking we probably wouldn’t have eaten.

Wednesday 19th June 2019

The weather was not the best this morning but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. They forecast an improving outlook so with fingers crossed (and emergency ponchos in our backpacks) we set off. We met my brother Roy, his girls Michelle & Sophie with her boys Jake & Harry at the Butlin’s main gate.


They are staying in a private holiday caravan on the edge of the site but we still have to pay Butlin’s guest day rate to visit them – so we can go on all the free rides if we like. Like that was going to happen.

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We did enjoy watching (and filming) all of them having fun on the Go Carts (which they had to pay extra for)

cart win

before we trundled through the park

splash 2

to their very nice van. Had a coffee and a good catch up chat.


We then took them to explore Minehead town – well the seafront bit anyway

– nipped into the indoor market for some tourist tat – as you do – and then on to ‘The Hairy Dog’ pub for which we had seen a big billboard advert. We checked the facilities and had a couple of drinks as we planned our next days itinerary.

As the afternoon progressed on toward the evening we parted company – the young ones returning to their caravan and us to Voyager to relax (via the Fish & Chip shop – so I have now sated my desire with a well-cooked cod and chips – not SW friendly).

It was a very good day but the energy of young people had worn us both out.

Thursday 20th June 2019

We woke late. I’m glad we had arranged to meet the others later in the day giving them time to enjoy the attractions of Butlin’s while we enjoyed a day in the slow lane.

The weather was going to brighten up today according to Nigel (ever the optimist) so after all the usual chores were sorted we set off for a more in depth explore of the town and harbour.


The clouds cleared as we trundled through the housing estate route we elected to follow with only the occasional dark one passing quickly over. We found the tide was out – seems to be out all day this visit – but the harbour afforded some good views of the area as well as hinting at the history of the place.

Then on through the very well-kept Blenheim Gardens

to explore the town – some old architecture and interesting statues as well.


We returned to Voyager for a rather large Tapas style lunch followed by a siesta before getting the call from Roy about 3.00 – we were to meet the gang at The Hairy Dog at 5.00.

Another of Roy’s offspring had joined them for the day – Daniel with his wife Angela and their children. The kids were all enjoying the adventure playground at the rear of the pub. They didn’t have anything like that in my youth.

The adults sitting and enjoying a drink and chat on one of the tables.

We had a few drinks and a great time – getting back to Voyager about 10.30 – late for us these days.

Had a very peaceful night and slept well.

Friday 21st June 2019

The last day of this break so we get all packed up again and set off for our drive home.

Of course the weather is wonderful – warm, full sun with not a cloud in the sky.

It always leaves me a little sad having to say goodbye to the family – we see them so rarely these days – but Roy is talking about getting a Motorhome so hopefully that will change.

One thought on “Minehead

  1. Shame about the weather. We’ve just had 3 nights with my sister and parents in France … a lot of silly board games due to the rain for 2 days. And so cold … I donned jumper and trousers … thick pjs too!
    Hopefully your brother had seen the MH light.

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