Forest Glade

Saturday 20th October 2018

We awoke again to another lovely day. A couple of the vans that came in yesterday left early this morning, guess they were just on a stopover.

We are on the move today but before setting off we both had showers in the van. Normally we use the site facilities but here although they have a disabled shower room it is unheated and I’m a delicate flower don’t you know. It didn’t take too long and works surprisingly well – see an early blog for details of how we setup the bathroom to our requirements.

So on our way just before 11 o’clock – first stop Exeter for some top up shopping. We were going to go to Morrison’s but the traffic was bad almost as soon as we got off the dual carriageway so we opted for Sainsbury’s instead as it was much closer.

All done and put away we moved on and stopped in a lay bye on the way to Honiton. A quick sandwich and then as Forest Glade’s book in time was not until 2.30 I had an hours nap – lovely in our warm van with the sun coming through the windows.

Our booking email had provided directions and a map – with explicit instructions not to use Sat Nav – so we didn’t. We followed the recommended route deciding when about half way that if this was the good way we were very glad we didn’t try the other way because this was a bit hairy at times with narrow lanes and only occasional passing places.

When we got there the site itself was lovely with lots of things to do including an indoor swimming pool. We got pitched up with no issues and then went for our customary exploration trundle just to check things out.

We did find that most of the recommended walks were too muddy for us.  I collected a few windfall things from the ground as we toured about and did a little Facebook collage of them when we got back.

Collage 2

After our meal we just chilled for the evening.

Sunday 21st October 2018

A lovely sunrise today although a bit chilly this morning. Nigel did all the outdoor chores as usual while I did the washing up after breakfast.

We went for a bit of a trundle before lunch along the lanes – not too far as there are no close villages or things to see so mainly for a breath of fresh air.

This afternoon we just chilled – we do need to have a relaxing day to recharge now and again – in fact I do more and sleep better when we are on ‘holiday’ than most of the time we are at home – which just goes to prove that more trips are needed.

Monday 22nd October 2018

Time to return home – the weather is looking OK although we did have a shower overnight and although not too damp it is definitely chilly in the mornings.

We left Forest Glade just before 11 o’clock and even after Nigel chatted with Reception were not sure which way to go. So we thought we would try to retrace our route – but unfortunately we went wrong

somewhere and ended up using lanes that got narrower and then muddier

even finding what appeared to be a cutting through a rock which showed evidence of many scrapes from other vehicles.

Lanes 2
Not a road for a 5 tonne Motorhome!!

Lanes c

We eventually made it to a two lane road at a point which we found on the map later was less than 2 miles from where we started. We had done 6 miles of lanes to get there. We’ve noted not to use this campsite again – nice though it is.

A few miles further and we were on the M5 heading North. It was still early and we had no reason to hurry home so decided to make a little detour and check out Burnham-On-Sea as it was the start of another railway featured in episode 5 of ‘Walking Britain’s Lost Railways’ which we enjoyed last Friday.

We have skirted around its edge when visiting Brean over many years but never stopped – so today we went right to the esplanade and found a very Motorhome friendly car park with space enough for us.

Voyager Burnham

We take up 2 entire parking spaces and usually have to pay for both even with my blue badge but here ‘Disabled’ are free so we parked up got out the 2G’s and had a good trundle onto the jetty where train passengers could alight and join waiting ships.

Burnham bch jetty 1

Then along the prom past the Pier around St Andrews Church

and back through the crowded shopping streets to Voyager. We did buy a fridge magnet and new windmill for Grace but couldn’t find a postcard of Burnham (Sold out – end of season etc).

A warming soup for lunch then we set off again this time completing our journey home with no issues on the motorway.

So that is the end of our scheduled holidays this year – until we think of another one of course.


Since we have been home the Motorhome insurance renewal has arrived and Nigel has upgraded us to include Breakdown Recovery in Europe from mid-November so now that we will be fully covered I think a bit of winter sun may be called for. Especially with all the berries we’ve seen on bushes this week (from my childhood I remember that means a bad winter) it’s got to be warmer in Spain or Portugal in January February hasn’t it?

One thought on “Forest Glade

  1. I’ve just looked at where Oakhampton is … not too far from our new home in Combe Martin. Can’t wait for J’s radio to finish mid November when we can explore the area other than just weekends.
    Love reading of your travels … and Winter is long, damp and cold here. At least on a trip, there is novelty! Go for it!

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