Would he hide in Corfe Castle

Thursday 5th July 2018

On the move again – now we were intending to return home today but the weather was so good we decided to move on to another site instead.

Nigel searched for a site near to Corfe Castle which is only about 30 miles down the coast. The CCC site was full so he continued looking and found Woodyhyde (thats the real name of the site not my word play title) which showed as only about a mile outside the village. He booked us a four night stay with electric – and very near the end of the process saw the note saying access was under a low narrow bridge. It did say it was suitable for tents and campervans only – no caravans – didn’t mention motorhomes at all. The size stated looked OK for Voyager but only if in a straight line – a skew bridge wouldn’t work.

Anyway the first thing on the agenda was a big shop – we had an almost empty fridge freezer. So off to Morrisons for a full shop – it took an hour but at the end of it we had crammed everything in and had enough for another week.

Then on we went – the closer we got to the site the more Nigel was fretting – would we fit– the bridge was 10ft6in high by 9ft wide – Voyager is 10ft high so that was OK but is 9ft3in wide with mirrors out but luckily is only 8ft6in with them folded in so 3in clear each side –

piece of cake.

We pitched up on the left on Field 1

Woodyhyde site map

for no other reason than we could see a couple of other Motorhomes and there was a sign saying the hardstanding was for Motorhomes only.

Voyager Pitched

It turned out to be a good decision as shortly after we had levelled and got the electric connected a steam train chuffed by no more than few feet from our kitchen window.  It’s the first site we have stayed on with a heritage rail line running alongside it – we didn’t know it when we booked but for us lovers of steam it was ideal.

Voyager drone

The rest of the site facilities were OK as well although the disabled shower was not separate from the rest and there was no onsite laundry – both are not ideal but we adapt as necessary.

I made a pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce for our evening meal – so back on plan (SW). We watched a bit of TV and as we were both very tired after our exertions today we had an early night.

Friday 6th July 2018

We awoke to another bright sunny day – by 8.30 it was warming up nicely. Nigel cooked breakfast of Bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs. I had my orange for speed.

We decided we would have a peaceful relaxing day just chilling so I did some cross-stitch and Nigel did a few chores and some blog/video work (he can’t sit still for more than a few minutes at a time).

We had a Mediterranean lunch – tapas like.

Med lunch

At about half three we thought we would have a look at the Bridle path to Worth Matravers but we didn’t get very far as it narrowed and got very bumpy – usefully we did find a discarded map (laminated photocopy of local ordinance survey one – no doubt lost by one of the school kids we saw orienteering earlier). We ventured the other way to the A351 road. We noticed a Blue Arrow pathway just over from our entranceway so thought we would try following it. The map indicated we could get to Corfe Castle without using the main A road.

We passed through a couple of fields and through gates with notices to close them after use (we always do) and then through a Farm yard. We spoke to a women (Farmers wife?) about her Angora goats


she seemed friendly enough, even told us the way to continue on the route.

We tried the hill that the path took after the Farm but it was too steep so we left the path and went on past a couple of houses to a B road that would lead to Corfe. It was too late to go then – we were just checking for tomorrow really. We thought we would just retrace our steps for now.

As we went through the farmyard again the farmer was just parking up his tractor. He stopped us and said it was illegal to use our scooters on the byeway – he said they had a motor and were therefore vehicles and as such couldn’t use it, like quad bikes he said.

I was all for having a go but Nigel was calm. I did say that he was discriminating against me because I  can’t walk – which is illegal. I said we would go back and around the road way at which he relented and said we could use it this time but not to come back again.

When we got back to Voyager I looked it up on the web and found that Mobility Scooters (and powered wheelchairs) are allowed on bye ways but quad bikes are not.

I must say that it took the shine off being here for a while.

Had a lovely meal of Gammon and chips and spent the evening outside chatting until it got late and a little chilly but with a gorgeous sunset.


Saturday 7th July 2018

Another bright sunny day with high temperatures forecast – what has happened to the weather – not that I’m complaining.

After showers (separately – first time for that in ages – and not easy for me) luckily Nigel was waiting outside for me as I really needed my nitro spray afterwards. Then breakfast (Nigel made it again) I made up our packed lunch and we set forth.

We decided after yesterday’s incident that we would just use the A351 into Corfe (only about ¾ mile to the edge of the village and the start of pavements). There wasn’t too much traffic and we had no incidents.

We had no set plan at that point but thought we would check out the Railway Station first – check access and see if we could take the scooters on the Train. As we were about to ask the lady enquired if we wanted to go on the train leaving in 2 minutes. Of course we did – so a bit of a rush to pay and then we were escorted to the guard van where a ramp was positioned for us. In a matter of moments we were inside, the doors were shut and we were on our way.

It is only a 20min journey from Corfe to Swanage but we took the opportunity to shoot some video and take some photos – even a couple of Voyager as we passed Woodyhyde.




Alighting the train was just as simple as boarding – they have a very professional procedure.

So there we were In Swanage for a couple of hours or so.

Swanage station sign

Nigel remembered the road layout from his many childhood holidays there so led the way from the station to the seafront – it was beautiful the sea was green and blue shimmering in the hot sunshine – very like the med. We trundled along the promenade looking at all the holiday makers having fun on the beach, others in their yachts moored just off the beach still more just sitting on the many benches watching like us.

Swanage beech 2

Swanage Beach

We found a green garden up a bit of an incline where we parked ourselves to have our lunch

Swanage lunch

– and continue to look down on the happy scenes below us. As we ate I said to Nigel ‘it’s not too far to the sea from that jetty. I could walk that short distance with your help and have a paddle’.

He, of course, was not too keen (water’s for washing in not swimming in he says) but he is always happy to help me in anything I want to do. So we parked on the slip way and with his help I walked to the sea


we have a photo and a short video to preserve the event that I did in fact paddle and Nigel didn’t even get his feet wet. (Bless him).

After that we slowly made our way back to the train via the ice cream kiosk – nice one from a beach hut (surprise) and the young chap made a positive comment about our headsets.




The train ride back to Corfe was less hurried but uneventful – we checked out the museum at the station




before going for a look around the village itself. Nigel spotted a gift shop with postcards so popped in – I commented on some glass scent bottles in the window – and he bought them for me.

We thought about visiting the Castle but as I hadn’t brought my National Trust card with me we decided to leave that for tomorrow. Instead we checked out the model village.

C model 2

The lady in the attached gift shop said we would get around with the 2G’s so we paid our money and went in.

C model 3

It was a pretty and I think fairly accurate model of the village with the castle as it would have looked before the civil war.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even the Model village had its own Model village

Good to see and many pics taken as well as a bit of video. It’s not that big so didn’t take too long to explore.

We trundled back to Voyager where I cooked our  meal of Pork escallops with wilted greens followed by ice cream – really must stop having all this ice cream – I’ll be putting on pounds.

Sunday 8th July 2018

We awoke this morning and again (not wishing to jinx it) bright sunshine and getting really warm by 8.00 with not a hint of breeze. Insight tells me that the wind will get up later, as it has done for the last few days – I reckon it is like a funnel here – coming from the sea with the Purbeck hills on both sides of the valley – but it brings welcome relief from the heat.

So after a large Sunday breakfast we just chilled a bit doing the normal chores – Nigel flitting around with his duster – me sitting outside out of the way.

Later after lunch we trundled into Corfe again (this time with my National Trust cards) for a good look around the Castle. It is very impressive but because of steps we were not able to visit beyond the Outer Bailey although this did give us some great photo opportunities,

CC entrnce




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

as well as allowing me to dress up in an old costume

Mary robe

and watch the ‘chef’ at the ‘Time Travelers Kitchen’ –


make 17th Century beans on toast – they added onion, herbs and nutmeg apparently.

When we left we had a last trundle around the old streets of the village




before returning to Voyager for our last evening meal as we are definitely going home tomorrow – we have loads of washing to do and a couple of appointments during the week before we are off again on Friday – that’s 13th – good job I’m not superstitious.


2 thoughts on “Would he hide in Corfe Castle

  1. Isn’t life wonderful that you can just choose to stay away longer.
    And as a weight loss person (7/8 stone loss as my weight still fluctuates a lot), I can assure you that ice cream and cheese go to a different stomach!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are really getting to enjoy this lifestyle – hopefully it won’t be much longer before we venture across the channel.
      Wish I could believe the different stomach ‘truth’ – it may be though because when I weighed on Tuesday (I was dreading it) I had actually lost 2 pounds.
      Hope everything is going well with you.


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