Churchill Classic Car Weekend

AKA ‘Dicing with death on the A361’

Saturday 9th June 2018

We are off on our travels again – this time to deepest Oxfordshire to a small place named Chipping Norton. We are staying at the Caravan & Camping site a couple of miles south of the town.

It’s a smallish site but well maintained and very clean.

There is no Motorhome service point on the site so filling and emptying is not as easy as usual – but we have had a chance to test the ‘wild camping’ solution Nigel has come up with. Two collapsible 20 litre water carriers and an electric pump to get the contents into Voyager’s filling hole. He’s hopeful that 40 litres per day should be sufficient for our needs most days.

The journey was uneventful other than Nigel ignoring the Sat Nav and taking us the wrong way. He’s not confident in it anymore – but this time it was right and he was wrong. A quick detour on a B road and we were back on track and arrived onsite only half an hour after our original guestimate of 1 PM.

After a quick spot of lunch we got out the 2 G’s and set forth for a trundle around the site – checking the facilities and points we can exit.

There is a pedestrian gate onto the main road with a sign indicating a Bridleway to Churchill (our destination tomorrow) so that looks promising. We checked out the rest of the site, stopping to chat with some of the other campers as we do – they mostly comment on the size of our scooters and the headsets we chat to each other with – breaks the ice nicely.

Nigel thought that would be it but as it was still pretty early (about 4ish) I decided that after the ice-cream from the Reception shop (expensive)


we needed to explore more so we headed off in the direction of a Café & Shop sign that was just over from the site entrance.

To Chad

To Chad View

A couple of miles down the road we found the village of Chadlington – not the most picturesque we ever seen but nice and friendly. We did manage to find the Café which seemed to double as a general store as well – bit Arkwright like – where although we couldn’t get a post card we did find a locally produced greeting card – with village views.

The 2 G’s were very good as there were some taxing hills to go up and down on the route and both our Power meters where down a little by the time we got back to site – evening meal of Sweet chilli rice and prawns then a good relax in front of the TV.

Sunday 10th June 2018

Today is the Classic car Show – the reason for our weekend here. Our first look out of the window showed a cloudy start with quite a wind – oh well – but at least it’s not too cold.

The show started at noon so we left site just after 11.00 crossed the main road and through the gate onto the Bridleway.

Bridleway L

The path was OK at the start – just a little lumpy with tree roots – but as we progressed deeper into the woods we encountered a few very muddy patches. Most we could pass with a little forethought and positioning but one required Nigel to clear some tree debris from the edge and get through on virgin ground.

Shortly after that we emerged from the woodland as the path progressed alongside a farm field – and the sun had managed to burn through the cloud – so the rest of the path was much better – still lumpy though.

We only met one couple walking their dogs and a couple of chaps riding horses. Apparently they had never met Mobility Scooters before and were a bit spooked – we just sat quietly and let them pass in their own time.

Now onto a road we descended a bit of a hill before starting the climb up to Churchill. The 2 G’s did there thing and got us to the village admirably. It was starting to get busy with cars heading for the marked parking and folk making their way to the entrances.

We negotiated the former and queued with the latter to get into the show ground.

It was well worth the entrance fee (£7 each) and we spent a good few hours looking around the vehicles and exhibits.

We bought sandwiches for lunch which we ate sitting under a large tree on the edge of the show ground – idyllic (although a glass of white would have made it perfect). Sadly the ice-cream we had later was not so good – small scoop of ‘Supermarket Value’ product – Oh well they can’t get everything right.

It seemed to be getting more crowded by the time we decided we had seen enough (all of it).

We found that there were still loads of people coming in as we left the site and that the roads of the village were gridlocked with even more trying to get into the full car park. All possible parking places on the roadside were taken (and a few people had made bad decisions as usual). It’s the only time we have been in a traffic jam on our scooters with both the road and any pavements blocked.

Eventually we progressed although it did take a women passenger of one car getting out and turning into a traffic cop. We decided to return to Voyager using the main road (avoiding the bridleway mud). I told Nigel we should rename this blog as ‘Dicing with death on the A361’ as it was busy – but not as bad as yesterday.

Back at the campsite we got out the leisure chairs & I sat sewing while Nigel did his camera stuff.

We had a Tapas style alfresco meal with a glass of vino as the early evening sun shone down on us – very Mediterranean. After which I had a late siesta.

Monday 11th June 2018

Well today we were meant to be going home but the weather was glorious and we didn’t want to leave. Over breakfast we decided to stay another day and go for a trundle into Chipping Norton. Nigel went and sorted it with Reception and I made a packed lunch (so avoiding the need to buy shop sandwiches) although we would need to get a few things we had run out of.

We expected to have to stay on the A361 road all the way


but after a couple of hundred yards we found a roadside path

it was a bit overgrown with grass and nettles which because we were wearing shorts led to us being stung a few times – but overall it was safer than the road.

Chipping Norton is a small town with a few shops (mostly independents) and Antique centres. The Town Hall, Museum and Theatre are notable buildings but other than that there was nothing remarkable.

We did our bit of shopping in a small Sainsbury’s and found the local Recreation ground where we had our luncheon.

After making use of the disabled facilities in the car park Nigel spotted a local map which showed an outdoor swimming pool – I quite fancied having a bit of a paddle –

Lido Closed

but it was closed for maintenance. I did get chatted up by one of the workmen though so it was worth a visit.

The trip back was uneventful and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the sun.

For tea I fried up chicken bits with spices and made a Mary Salad (that’s with anything I’ve got thrown in) – Lovely.

Tuesday 12th June 2018

We are definitely going home today as the weather is on the turn – Cloudy and cool with a touch of drizzle in the air.

Looking forward to next time – only a couple of weeks away!!

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