The Devon and Cornwall Tour – W3P1 – & A Sad Passing

Wednesday 28th March 2018

We had a quiet relaxing day – cross stitch for me – satellite stuff for Nigel. We waited for the showers to stop and the sun to shine (that’s what the forecast said would happen) even if it was still windy.

After a light lunch we decided to take a scooter trip to Sandymouth Beach (nearest sea to us). We thought we would wrap up warm and go – use the back lanes for the 7 mile round trip.

So we set off no problems although Dolly was a bit slower than normal up hill. We got to Sibb which is about half way to the beach and as we started up a small hill she began to get slower and slower and then came to a standstill. Nigel thought she might have just got a bit hot so we rested for a few minutes. We had managed to just about get to the summit of the hill but we had to decide whether to continue or not.

The decision was made for us as Dolly had died – she refused to move under her own power even after a rest.

Nigel had to knock her into neutral and push me the near two miles back to Voyager.

Now you may remember we mentioned Nigel having a PPI ‘win’ back in December. I said it had encouraged us to make further complaints. Well when I checked my Bank balance online the other day I found an unexpected credit which turned out to be my own PPI ‘win’. So we have decided to buy a new scooter for me – all I have to decide on is a name.

Tonight Nigel did some Blog work while I did the chicken meal – he did do the washing up though.

TV evening as usual – then bed.

Thursday 29th March 2018

Again we woke to heavy rain and wind. What with the weather and Dolly being out of action we thought going to visit something inside was best. Nigel had picked up a few Tourist information leaflets in Reception so we decided Hartland Abbey would be the place for today.

First though we did a top-up shop in Morrisons Bude. It was a really miserable time – after not being able to find space for Voyager in the car park we found that the whole world wanted to do their Easter weekend shopping today. Going around with a wheelchair and trolley in a very busy supermarket is not an experience I wish to repeat.

Well we got the shopping stowed (everything has a place) drove into Bude proper and found a carpark near the beach.

A relaxing lunch while a hail shower pelted down outside – warm and toasty inside though. When it dried a little Nigel strolled out (taking a few pics for me to see later)

checking for anything we could do using the wheelchair. He didn’t find much and what there was involved some steep paths – too much effort required for such little return.

So we set forth for Hartland.

Good roads for most of the way with only a couple of miles at the end a bit narrow. The village roads are very small but someone thought about it and has made a one way system. We saw on their leaflet that coaches visit so we knew we could. The Abbey itself is a little further on.

Hartland hs1

We found the staff very friendly and because they had very few visitors allowed us in at reduced rate because as we have found in a lot of old places the Abbey is not very wheelchair friendly so we could only visit the ground floor which was showing several exhibitions in different rooms.

It was enough to keep us amused for an hour and for the time we were there we had blue skies and sunshine. We learned a lot about the Stuckeley family and their exploits through the years. Some very old legal contracts some with Royal seals. William Stuckeley in particular had some very odd ideas of diner party entertainment – dissecting animals during their meal. He also dissected an elephant on the lawn and formed the conclusion that the female elephant lay on her back for mating. He was a man of many interests and spent many years studying Avebury and Stonehenge monuments. He was also a friend of Isaac Newton and did experiments with electricity.

When we got back to site we found several more neighbours that weren’t there this morning. The weather turned rainy again and I have to admit I have had a couple of glasses of wine this evening – not really SW but what the hell I’m on holiday.

Friday 30th March 2018

We decided to have a restful morning (both of us had a lie in – until 8.30 anyway).

Breakfast and normal chores done Nigel had a look at Dolly. He got her going with a clean of the motor brushes but she is not going well. Definitely a new one when we get home.

I did needle work – it is a fine stitch with lots of little bits with different colours so it is a bit taxing.

After lunch we went for a breath of fresh air – me on Gordon with Nigel walking. Just around the site – with a quick stop at the Motorhome service point

Kilk MSP

but just to hose the scooter wheels as they had gotten seriously muddy. We got back as the rain started again so doing anything more was out.

The site started to fill up yesterday but today a lot more have arrived – both caravans and Motorhomes.

The site staff have been shifting a lot of vans around – this we believe is because they don’t want anyone on the grass pitches as they are so waterlogged.

Settled in for the night – more heavy rain – TV and blog work.

Saturday 31st March 2018

Today we moved to our last site of this tour at Little Torrington. We left Kilkhampton after another night of heavy rain but did not have any issues even with all the mud around our pitch.

First though was another trip to Morrisons Bude – a much better experience this time. Not as busy and therefore much less stressful. So we are stocked up for the last few days of our first tour of the year.

Our journey was uneventful but Nigel has decided he needs to check the SatNav setup because she keeps insisting on sending us down narrow B roads when the A road route is only a little longer. So a few miles of our route was tight down hills then slim bridges over swollen rivers followed by hilly hairpins up the other side. Very pretty but not the best route for a 4 ton Motorhome pulling a half ton trailer.

Still we got to site selected our pitch (again we booked grass but were upgraded to hardstanding) got Betty positioned and levelled Voyager before Nigel remembered we hadn’t dumped the grey. Oops – well at least it’s all done with the push of a few switches. So jacks up again and off on the peri-track to the Motorhome Service point – dump the grey and fill the clean tank. Then back to our pitch and levelling for the second time.

Of course as its Easter there a lot of kids about but they all seem to be well behaved so far.

Then time for lunch followed by sorting the washing into two loads (as the last site had no facilities) and Nigel strolled over to the Laundry with the first. So that took care of most of the rest of the day – two wash loads and then two drying loads.

We did go for a short explore around the site finding a nice walk by a couple of small lakes that apparently have otters visit (although we saw no evidence of them).

I rode on Gordon while Nigel walked – I did assist him up the hills though which helped his knees a bit.

tarka mar2

Back to Voyager –

smthym 2

finish off the washing and prepping the evening meal of sweet chilli prawns with rice. Nigel had his naughty Morrisons cream desert but I was good with just fruit and yoghurt.

Then TV, Blog work then sleep.

2 thoughts on “The Devon and Cornwall Tour – W3P1 – & A Sad Passing

  1. Oh poor Dolly, what a shame but I expect she’s earned her keep. I’ve been to Hartland Abbey but only for the garden which is stunning in summer. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the westcountry, perhaps next time you’ll come in summer!!

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