The Devon and Cornwall Tour – W2P2

Sunday 25th March 2018

Last night the clocks sprung forward so this morning we are catching up with ourselves. Nigel cooked breakfast of Bacon, Sausage and Poached Eggs. Very nice and even better for not having to cook it.

The forecast says it’s to be a nice day so we intend to make the most of it. Although it was frosty to start with Nigel gets all togged up and with the immortal words ‘I may be sometime’ off he went to do the outside chores.

Oh and the kettle we bought yesterday was not very good – hard to fill, not easy to pour and the whistle is only just audible – so the old one is back on the stove.

We decided to go to Morwellham Quay – we didn’t leave site until 11.00 (blaming the clock change) but we only had about 10 miles to travel. Most of it is normal OK roads but the last mile or so is narrow steep downhill with a few hair pins – a bit hairy in a motorhome towing a trailer – but we are nothing if not adventurous – happily we made it to the car park with no more breakages.

So scooters out – off checking out all the exhibits

MQ carpk

– we enjoy these ‘living museum’ type setups – you may remember we did the ‘Black Country Museum’ on last years tour. Loads of photos taken and chats with the staff who were dressed in Victorian costume.

MQ dock PANO

While paying Nigel had booked us on the ‘Mine Train’ at 1.45 so after visiting Ruth’s cottage (from Edwardian Farm TV series) we scooted the hilly path to the station. We were a little early but it gave us a chance to get ourselves settled in the cage of the train and have a good chat with Rick our driver – who turned out to be a historian, miner and writer with knowledge in a lot of other fields.

The actual train journey along the riverside and then into the mine was very educational (if a little bumpy) – we learned a lot about the mining of copper as well as the lives of the miners and their families. Well worth doing.

We checked out the few remaining things to see when we got back to the village.

Nigel visited the shop for postcards and fridge magnet – and as it was a warm day some ice cream.

MQ shop

Then back to Voyager for lunch (in a Car Park) followed by the ices.

MQ carpk Mary

Uneventful trip back to the site and as we were manoeuvring Betty onto our pitch our neighbours turned up. They had to wait while Nigel unhitched but instead of making them wait longer we drove onto the grass in front of our pitch so they could pass. We won’t do that again as we couldn’t get traction to get off again. We had to get the site warden to give us a tug off with his 4×4 made a mess of the grass too – oops.

HB Site tracks

All in All it was a good day though.


Monday 26th March 2018

Eventually – A circular Tour of Dartmoor

Another day dawns – bit of a frost but blue sky – but shows promise. We have decided to drive a route through Dartmoor. Initially we were going to just take the wheelchair in Voyager but during breakfast decided to take Betty as well so we had the option to explore more.

So after our showers we set forth – dropped into Morrisons again (parked in the Car Park today though). Shopping was normal but as we left the shop a Security Guard ran out trying to stop a couple of women pushing a very full trolley. He shouted and they ran off leaving their ‘booty’. He asked us to keep an eye on the deserted trolley while he pursued them – he didn’t catch them but did get a look at what type of car they escaped in. When he returned he told us it was not the first time they have tried shoplifting around the area. Well that was a first for us – would the rest of the day be as exciting?

A fellow blogger ‘Lucid Gypsys’ suggested some places to stop on our tour – thanks for the help Gilly. Checkout –

We started our tour on the B3357 and headed into Dartmoor – over the cattle grid – and up the first steep hill. At the brow we met some ponies in the road – happily they moved to the side as we approached. Then a Car Park – with a Willy’s Ice Cream Van – well it was near lunch time so we pulled in parked along the side. Nigel got the scooters out – we intended to have a look about first – working up an appetite. It looked lovely through the window but when outside we found it was blowing a very cold wind and the ground of the moor was very soft and wet – after our experience last evening we decided not to risk it – just took some photos from the hardstanding of the Car Park.

Nigel did get ices for afters though – had to be done – we are English and think nothing of queuing in our overcoats and gloves to buy ice-cream from a spotty youth in a van.

Back in the warm – love that Voyager’s heating works all the time – our Mediterranean lunch of Olives, Chorizo, Iberico ham and Manchego cheese was followed by the ices.

Our tour continued – parts of the roads got rather narrow but not worryingly so – we took more photos stopping at another Car Park with good views.

Then we got to Moretonhampstead and joined the A382 – Nigel thought this would mean the roads got better but parts of this one were narrower than the B roads – which made passing a couple of school coaches quite interesting.

We didn’t stop any more as I was getting tired (snoozed a bit on the way) – got back at 4.30 and after getting parked up and connected I had a catnap before prepping and cooking our pork escalope meal. Had to use the Camping mallet as we haven’t been able to get a kitchen one yet – worked well though.


Tuesday 27th March 2018

Weighed today – I put just less than half a pound – must have been 4 packets of Wotsits, some cake and a few ices – Oh well, must try harder – I’ll be good today!

We are on the move again – it has been good here, a very nice site with good amenities – would recommend it to anyone (just don’t get stuck on the grass).

Voy Tavst

We got packed up, did all the necessaries and were on our way by 10.45 – SatNav said it would take about an hour and a half to get to Bude but there was a road closure near Okehampton so we followed the signed diversion. Well we tried to but after the first sign there were no others. SatNav kept trying to send us around again so we ignored her found a layby and dug out the map. Our new route must have added about 10 miles and over half an hour. Technology is great when it works – and a pain when it doesn’t.

The weather had been wet overnight with drizzle and showers while we travelled. The low flying clouds over the hill tops as we drove north from Tavistock again reminded me of our travels last year in Yorkshire. Not the same but still very stirring.

We found our site in Kilkhampton with no problems. Like on earlier sites the grass pitch we had booked was too waterlogged so we upgraded to hardstanding. The pitch is not as big as some but enough for us.

Voy Bude

We got setup (levelling, Satellite, water fill and electricity connection) had lunch and then got the scooters out. Went to Reception to get the WiFi password (free) and local information about beaches and places to visit. Also got a recommendation for a pub meal in the village.

We opted to go into the village

Khst 1

– found the said pub (looks OK so hopefully we will be having another meal out soon)

Khst pub

– not tonight though as we have steak waiting in the fridge. Nigel popped into the local shop to get postcards and maybe a fridge magnet (no luck try Bude) – he did come out with a coffee and walnut cake though. Oh dear.

We found the disabled access to the local church – I even took Dolly in for a good look at the stained glass. Good architecture and lovely craftsmanship.

Back at the site I didn’t manage to resist the cake – with a warming cup of coffee as we had got cold on our short trip.

I think tomorrow will be a chill day as I am getting very tired very quickly – I feel the need for some cross-stitch.

2 thoughts on “The Devon and Cornwall Tour – W2P2

    1. I visited MQ back in the eighties and was surprised how much it has changed – but it’s still worth a visit. We have snuck back into Cornwall for a few days but will be back in Devon at the weekend.


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