A little bit extra for Betty

One thing that happened while we were away on our UK tour was the failure of my wooden construction within Betty for our lounger chairs. For most of our trip we had to put said chairs on top of the scooter seats, holding them in place with bungies. This was OK but a bit of a pain as they had to be removed before we could get the scooters out and then put them back in while we did our thing.

Obviously we needed somewhere they could reside that wouldn’t cause all this bother.  Mary came up with the idea of putting a box on Betty where we could store them.

So I have constructed a box using aluminium extruded angle as the frame and the same Dibond sheet Aluminium Composite that the rest of Betty is made of. It fits over the spare wheel at the front (so provides protection for that as well) with room for the chairs in front of it.

Box Closed

Box Open

Box lsp

It remains to be seen if this is a good idea – but it looks good so far.

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