The 2017 UK Tour – The Debrief

Well it’s all over now but we need to get all the boring but essential information into one place. I hope this may be useful to others.

Jun 2017 mileage and costs

The distance cost information was a surprise. Getting an average of 27mpg was higher than I expected. Most of the miles were with Betty on the back – just a few excursions without – but no figures on these miles.

Still we did travel a lot of miles and saw some interesting scenery and some lovely places. It is just the beginning of our adventures in Voyager.

Jun 2017 site costs

The site charges we knew before starting having paid most of them ahead of time.

Jun 2017 attraction costs

Because Mary is a member of both English Heritage and the National Trust we don’t have to pay to see any of these properties (I get in free as Mary’s carer). But the annual cost for both is about £100 so it has to be considered with the attractions. Most places we visit are in the £7 – £14 each price range so joining both was a no brainer really.

Jun 2017 weather

The weather shows our overall feeling that this trip did not have the best – but what can probably be better described as normal English summer weather.

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