The UK Tour – Week 1 part 2

Saturday 24th June 2017 – Clitheroe

I’m sad to say we again woke up to a very wet and windy morning so again it is another stay at home day working on our projects.

The weather stayed like this until lunch time, when there was a glimmer of hope that the sun might appear.

So we had our lunch then off we went to find the Ribble River. I have to say that we didn’t have to go far and we found it a lovely place. There were lots of families playing on the stone banks with their colourful fishing nets and small buckets. The river was very shallow here and very calm.

ribbl brdg

We went a bit further on following the path to the end and found ourselves on a road. Smartphone maps are a wonderful thing – we could have been anywhere – but a few screen swipes and we knew that our best option was to head into town again. Window shopping.


We had a good look around, a few old buildings, some independent shops and a market. But we only managed to buy some strawberries and a slice of cake for Nigel.

Tonight’s meal – fish in a tomato sauce with new potatoes and sweetcorn. (Yummy)

Then a quiet evening watching a film and then bed.


Sunday 25th June 2017 – Beans and onward to Haltwhistle

We both woke early after yet another good night’s sleep.

I watched a telly program a few days ago that compared various food products. One of them was Baked Beans – they said they preferred Branston to Heinz so I bought a tin to try. The point of this story is that we had them with our scrambled eggs this morning and I have to say they were right. They are better – more like I remember Heinz used to be before they took all the taste out.

Anyway – breakfast over – time to Secure pack as we are on the move again. We are really getting the hang of it now (and Nigel isn’t going behind me re-doing what I have packed away).

We empty the toilet cassette and grey tank and are on our way. The journey was lovely – mostly motorway but the scenery was fantastic. I have to say that this is as far north as I have ever been in all my sixty-two years. The hills and rocky out crops were lovely.


We did a pit stop at Morrisons Penrith to top up the fridge and pantry. Had lunch in their car park overlooking Penrith Castle (something you don’t do every day).

After another hour we arrived at Haltwhistle about 4pm – the site looked very nice – if a little small and cosy. We are sited near the river although we can’t seem to get to it with our scooters.

We did venture out for a short while just to see what is about but didn’t stay out long as it’s cold and blowing a gale.

Nigel has been trying to get a signal on the satellite but he thinks the trees are blocking it. He decided to change Betty and Voyager around on our plot to see if he could get between the trees but he left Dolly to the side and hit her with Voyager – broke her plastic guards.  Poor old Dolly she is in the wars (let’s hope she lasts three weeks).

Our meal tonight was nice – I made gammon and chips with sweetcorn. Simple but easy to put together in a small space.

After Nigel did the washing up we tried to plan our trip to Hadrian’s Wall. I think our best option is Housesteads Fort – it will suit our parking needs and give us something to see.


Monday 26th June 2017 – Haltwhistle

We both slept very well again – it must be all the fresh air – so up late today (even Nigel stayed in bed until 7.45).

Well as its Monday it must be wash day (well this week anyway) so all the dirty cloths and the sheets into a couple of black bags and off we set. Our idea was to get the first load going in the machine while we both showered but this didn’t fit with the site agenda – showers are closed 11 – 12 for cleaning (we got there at 10.55) oops. So first wash load on only. Nigel did get Dolly repaired (Epoxy & Gaffer tape) while we waited – he says it is only temporary (Yes I’ve heard that before).

dolly rep

We got the second wash load in at 11.50 then had our showers – so not too much of a delay. All sorted – sheets and big stuff on the line – smalls in the drier. Quick wiz around the floor with the vacuum (feels like housework – good job Nigel was doing it – feeling lucky) then time for lunch.

Later we thought time for a serious go at exploring. After 3 false starts we were off making our way the 3 or so miles to Haltwhistle. The trip was a third uphill a third downhill (1 in 12 in places) and a fair stretch going along the edge of the A69 Haltwhistle bye-pass (with bl**dy great Lorries screaming by us). We came through unscathed and made our way into the town centre – thought we’d have a nice cup of coffee. You’ll be lucky – it seems all the cafes shut at 3pm and the rest of the town is totally shut on a Monday. So we couldn’t even get a fridge magnet – Nigel will have to make one from a photo when we get home.


We got back OK (still scary on the bye-pass) collected the washing, packed the scooters away and turned Betty around to make hitching up tomorrow easier – rain is forecast overnight so the more done tonight the drier Nigel will stay in the morning.

Dinner tonight was a one pot wonder Chicken Supreme with rice followed by yoghurt then coffee. A bit of TV and blog work for Nigel.

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