The UK Tour – Week 1 part 1

Tuesday 20th June 2017 – The Start – Wolverley

Day 1 of our summer holiday starts as usual. Nigel is up at the crack of dawn with things to do and take with us. Me I lounge on ‘till 7.30 before the banging around woke me up.

Anyway we were finally ready for the off. A couple of pics in the garden as the weather is so lovely and the hollyhocks have just started to flower. Selfie lens is not so hot on my phone though – alright on Nige’s so we will use that one next time.

We had to leave the village via the back lanes as the council have decided to close the main road for re-surfacing this week. It wasn’t too big an ordeal. Nige decided it was best to stick to the motorways as there also appeared to be a road closure on the road to Cirencester (the route we normally have taken to go north).

Our only mishap on the journey were a couple of Lorries swerving about in front of us – so Nigel put them behind us. If we ever see a motorway accident we want it in the rear view mirror not in front of us.

We arrived at Wolverley at about 12.30 and were shown to our pitch by a lovely man who said if there is anything we need just ask – great to have a warm welcome.


After a spot of lunch we went for a dolly down to the canal and rode the tow path to Kidderminster. It was lovely to see a heron fishing and many ducks with their young. It was nice dollying along – not so many people around as at weekends.

The weather has been very hot again (over 30deg) and as the river runs alongside the canal we saw a group of young people rope swinging and playing in the river – nice to see them having fun. Our days of this kind of enjoyment are long gone unfortunately.

Dinner wasn’t so good tonight as we had bought the wrong sweet chilli sauce (too hot for us). So the sweet chilli prawns with rice went in the bin and we had a chicken salad instead. We are trying to stick to our Slimming World diet plan but a couple of ice creams snuck in on us this afternoon.

The evening passed quietly – chilled outside on our lounge chairs then watching the TV for a while ‘till we fell asleep exhausted.

canal birds

Wednesday 21st June 2017 – Wolverley

Today promised to be another warm one as it was already hot by 08.00. Eating our scrambled eggs outside was lovely (better because Nigel made them too).

We hadn’t made any plans as one of Nigel’s work mates was dropping in to see us as he lives nearby. He arrived about 9.45 and stayed for a coffee and a long chat. I have to say that it was nice to have the company. Apart from the odd polite Hello from other campers people don’t tend to mingle here so at sometimes I find myself nodding off with time going so very slowly.

After Barry had left we decided on lunch and then took another trip on the canal tow path but in the opposite direction. Again it was a lovely ride up past the Iron works (we could hear work going on but not see anything) the evidence of their efforts were everywhere – big metal rings etc.

lock bridgecanal trees

On we went until we reached bridge 26 – here we decided we had gone far enough so left the tow path and took the road back to Cookley where we got some supplies from Tesco Express (plus an ice lolly each) – being naughty again.

We found our way back to the tow path and headed back towards the campsite. On the way Nigel warned me of an approaching cyclist and who should it be but Barry – he had called in to see how we were fairing and was returning home after not finding us. It was a surprise to see him again so soon.

The evening was very warm and humid. We had showers, using the site facilities. I must say that the disabled setup here are very good – the wet room was brilliant – both Nigel and I were able to use it – mind you with the heat  half an hour later and you don’t feel like you’ve had one.

We ate our second chicken salad meal alfresco again. Nigel washed up and then gave the Dolly’s a dusting to remove the dirt of our first two days. Forever the neat freak.

The night was again very warm – it reminds me of the film ‘In the heat of the night’. There was not much on the TV so as we were both really tired we turned in early and slept well. I must admit I don’t like not being able to see outside with all the blinds down.

Thursday 22nd June 2017 – Black Country Living Museum

Up and about at 6.45 today. We are off to Clitheroe CCC site but paying a visit to the ‘Black Country Living Museum’ in Dudley on the way. So it is what Nigel calls a ‘secure pack up’ – everything must go away.

We were off on time after our breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon. It is Nigel’s birthday (bless) he had two cards (one from me the other from his mum) – most other friends and family used Facebook to pass on their Happy Birthday wishes. I gave him big kisses and hugs.

Our journey to the museum was good – the weather has broken – much cooler but no rain yet.

We paid our money and went in – there were a lot of school kids there (many school trips at this time of year I guess) but we mostly kept out of their way. We got to see everything outside – Houses and Shops – looking inside was not an option for me, but Nigel did pop into a couple and took pics for me to see later.

The Canal Museum which is adjacent to the main museum and accessible over a swing bridge (included in the price too) was a good place to take cover when it stated to drizzle quite hard. We hoped it would clear by the time we exited but it hadn’t so out came the one use poncho’s to keep us dry.

We spent a good few hours touring around the museum before we left, had our lunch in the car park (nice warming bowl of chicken mugshot with crackers).

Onward to Clitheroe on the M6 – this was supposed to take about 2 ½ hours but was nearer 3 ½ hours with all the roadworks that we found on route.

We finally arrived – this site looks much older – the shower/toilet block not so nice. Good job we have all we need in that respect with us. We were pitched at the end of the Annexe, next to the compost heap. It was like Watership Down – with all the baby rabbits hopping around. Nice to see all the wildlife.

bunnies 2

We did have a little Dolly around – to find a Post-box for Nigel’s Thankyou card to his mum.

Food – we ate inside tonight as it is much cooler although you wouldn’t notice with the heat from the cooker and as for looking outside I have steamed all the windows up. I will have to de humidify the van.

Friday 23rd June 2017 – Clitheroe

We both slept so well last night that we had a lie in. If it wasn’t for the loo calling heaven knows what time we would have got up.

Well the weather forecast was right and we could hear the soft drumming of rain on the roof – didn’t need to open the blinds to know we would be inside for a least a while. Me doing my cross-stitch and Nigel starting the blog and getting several of our gadgets working.

So breakfast over a quiet morning, shut inside. I did try to do some sewing but found it was too dark and the lights aren’t bright enough – after a couple of mistakes I gave up. I tried a small pattern – that was a bit better.

After a normal lunch and as we needed a few supplies we got the scooters out. The rain had stopped so we set off for Sainsbury’s. On the way back we found Clitheroe Castle. It was a bit of a climb to reach it up through some well-maintained gardens. The views from the top were amazing although it turned out to be fairly windy and a bit cold.

Back to the campsite for our Sausage pasta meal while listening to the England South Africa 20/20 cricket on the radio.




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