Berkeley Castle

1 Castle

Monday 12th June 2017

Today we took a trip to see the gardens of Berkeley Castle. We visited on the day they had opened the garden under the ‘National Garden Scheme’ so we not only got to see the gardens and the outside of the Castle but we contributed to a worthwhile charity. It was not an entirely altruistic gesture – the normal price to visit would be £18 but it was only £10 for the NGS.

Now I must say that when we started planning our adventures I expected them all to be long multi campsite travels. I thought that the preparations required would negate day trips. But with all the modifications we have made this has not proved to be the case. Today it took less than half an hour to get everything hooked up and to go through the departure check list. With Mary doing most of the internal stuff stowing the necessaries while I got Betty prepped and into position for coupling. Then after positioning Voyager and getting Betty hitched we worked together using our communicators to go through the final lights check. Everything went like clockwork and we were off.

We had a great couple of hours going around the gardens, finding ways between the terracing without using any of the many sets of steps. There were only a few areas that gave us concern but ultimately we managed to get around everywhere. We took loads of photos, me on my phone and Mary with the camera. So the rest of this Blog are some of them.

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