Voyager Update


We took Voyager to Gliderite in Liphook and left her there with the technicians for a couple of days.  Mary followed behind in Dobby so we could get home afterwards. Our Motorhome now has a hydraulic levelling system fitted so we can level her at the push of a few buttons. I prefer not to think very much about the cost because it was a lot – but worth it. We stopped on the way home in a layby for quick break. Within a minute we were level and getting things from the fridge for our snack.

I have mounted a 2 way level on the dash (see pic) so it’s easy to see we are level while operating the controls.


We now have a forth switch on the facia for the leveller. I can remember what each does at the moment but might have to make some labels for when I start getting forgetful.

4 switch

Underneath we have 4 double pistons and the pump/tank assembly.

Front Pistons



As we will soon be off for our first big trip I have also been investigating getting online while we are away. There is WiFi available on all the campsites we are stopping at but all have the caveat that it depends on distance from Reception, trees and other units between etc.

At Galmpton we were only 50ft from the WiFi aerial so had no issues with signal strength. What we did find though was that access was charged per device – we paid for 2 while there but actually we have 2 phones 2 Kindles and a laptop that ideally would all connect.

So with this in mind I have invested in an iBoost directional WiFi aerial and micro router. This should help with signal strength as well as only requiring one paid connection we can share between our devices. The only thing I didn’t like is the suggested fixing of the aerial using a suction fitting with the wire through a window. I like a more permanent method of fixing so have utilised the Status 530 TV aerial, which we don’t normally use (preferring our Satellite setup), as a base for the aerial. I dismantled the Status and routed the WiFi aerial wire through it to enter the wardrobe in the same way as the TV coax. It then feeds through the top cupboards to the front cab area where the micro router is located (to keep more than 1 metre between them). The aerial will be horizontal for travel but can be set to vertical and rotated as needed all from the inside of the wardrobe.

Status down

Status Up

I also considered the odd occasions when no WiFi is available. To cover this I got a 4G Huawei E5577 MiFi unit with external aerial (again fitted on the Status TV aerial) and will use this with a 4G data SIM. I have ordered a 12Gb 12month PAYG one on the 3 network. It can be used for up to 2 months abroad during the year so will be good for our Europe trips as well.

Well that should be everything done for the big day on June 20th – except I do have to give her a good wash and maybe a polish if I can find the energy.

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