Motor Mover Re-visited

Well as I said in the last post it turned out that the small jockey wheel type motor mover we bought did not do the job we wanted. It worked great on tarmac and solid concrete but failed miserably on gravel and grass.

Caravan Mover

So we had to bite the bullet and invest in a larger Caravan Mover. Not wanting to spend over £600 on a new one we went back to Ebay and found the above – a reconditioned one (it had new bearings and a paint job) for £300 plus £47 for delivery.

It was delivered a few days later on a half pallet in the back of a large lorry. I had already downloaded the installation manual from the web but was a bit concerned when I saw the normal fitting was to a standard 209mm chassis. I thought this might be an issue as Betty’s chassis is nothing like that.

C Mover normal

With everything unloaded off the pallet I spent quite a while thinking and test positioning the motor assemblies.

The before under view of Betty.

Betty Before

Then it came to me – why not mount the units the other way up – so that’s what I did. It did require accurate positioning and drilling of 2 holes each side for the U-bolts but when it was all done it worked well.

The underview after fitting.

Betty AfterC Mover Betty

I just had to get the motor wires connected the right way – to match the direction arrows on the controller.

With the drive rollers engaged we can now move Betty using the remote control. It has moved very well on all the terrain we have tried so far and we are confident we now have the right setup ready for our first big trip next month.

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