May Day Weekend

We set off early (about 10.30) for a gentle drive south using the M4 & M5. We stopped for last minute supplies at Morrisons (took up 4.5 car park spaces).


The traffic was as expected for a Friday before a Bank Holiday but no big hold ups. We stopped in Taunton Dean Services and made our lunch surrounded by Articulated Lorries, Caravans and other Motorhomes.


We arrived at the camp site about 3pm, did all the paperwork and were shown to pitch 43 (X marks the spot above).

The first thing was to get Betty into position. A good test for the redesigned Motor Mover setup. Well it turns out that the small wheel on the Mover is not going to do it – it just spun on the scalpings (the setup of this hardstanding pitch) and I think it will be the same on a grass one. It was a good thought but will need a re-think!

We manually shifted Betty into position, then positioned Voyager next to her, levelling her on the ramps. As we booked a fully serviced pitch we then had to connect up the electrics and water. Left the grey water pipe for a while, just using the tank to start with.

Next the important pic for facebook.

Pitched Up

We have booked 4 nights so will avoid the Bank Holiday Monday rush home.

For our first evening meal we had Lemon & Herb fish with new potatoes and peas – followed by fruit with Muller Light yoghurt. We seem to have mastered the oven & hob.

Sleeping setup worked a treat – the fixing of Nigel’s duvet to the bed has cured it of falling off and blocking the heater so all is well with that.

Saturday breakfast was efficiently accomplished and after the daily emptying of the toilet cassette and refilling the water tank was completed we set forth on our scooters (with a small shopping list) to Brixham. There was a ‘Pirate Weekend’ in full swing when we arrived – great fun if a bit noisy with the cannons firing.

We spent a while in the crowded streets, took some lovely photos but then decided to take our Tesco sandwiches up to Berry Point. There are definitely some steep hills to climb in this area which has made us aware that it is time to buy some new batteries for Mary’s scooter. On a couple of hills on our way back we had Gordon helping Dolly climb the slope with a gentle push. A bit like they do with the big wheelers on Ice Road Truckers. Must have looked a bit strange to the passing cars.

For our evening meal we ventured out to the local pub ‘The Manor Inn’ for a lovely lamb meal and a couple of drinks. Nice place and very friendly. We returned to the van feeling very tired and well fed. Slept very well.

The Sunday weather was as predicted – wet. So Mary got out the cross stitch and I started writing this and going through the photos we took yesterday.

It brightened up in the afternoon so we thought a quick ride down to the Pedestrian Ferry across the River Dart was on. It was a bit further than we thought and again involved hills but Dolly was OK as she’d had a good charge overnight.

Sunday meal was Pork medallions in a mushroom sauce with new potatoes & broccoli – delicious. We watched a couple of our DVD’s in the evening and then turned in for another good night’s sleep.

Monday started wet again so more cross stitch & Blog work. Brightened up the afternoon so went to Greenway House just down the road.

This was Agatha Christie’s summer house and is now National Trust. The gardens are beautiful and the walks are scary in places when on scooters – but some of the views make it worthwhile. There was another shower while we were there – we sheltered in the courtyard and had a cup of coffee. After it passed we returned to the campsite ready for a rest and to get the food on. Chicken tonight with wild garlic foraged from the hedgerow on the way back.

As the weather has not been as good as we hoped we have decided to stay another night and do the ‘Dartmouth Steam Railway’ tomorrow. Hopefully we will take our scooters on the train to Paignton where we will have a look around before returning later.

Well after a trip to Morrisons Paignton, in Voyager, to get more provisions for our extra day we had a quick lunch and headed to Churston Station for the train. Unfortunately we saw it pulling away just as we got to the entrance. We checked the timetable and decided that we wouldn’t be able to have a trip on it this time, and we are still not sure if they would take the scooters anyway.

We decided to follow our noses and head the opposite way to Saturday along the road towards Paignton. At ‘Windy Corner’ traffic lights we went the way indicated by a brown Beach sign. At the end of a long steep road we found Broadsands Beach. It was quiet and somewhat sheltered – had the only ice cream of the weekend – ironic really, we were in Devon looking for a nice ice cream and what did we find but scoops of Marshfield ice cream which is made just 5 miles from where we live.

As you can see we did get to see the train returning from Paignton, over a Brunel viaduct, so the ‘Steam Itch’ did get quenched a bit – took a good video of it as well which we posted on facebook.

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